Blog Post The Shifting Seasons??

The Shifting Seasons??



The Shifting Seasons??

climate-change OK, I wanted to write a blog related to the shift in seasons. What the heck does that even mean?
My perception over the past 3-4 years is that our seasons have been starting later than I used to remember. Since I own a heating and air conditioning business, I tend to be a bit more perceptive about temperatures than the Average Joe. I seem to recall getting busy with air conditioning as early as April but definitely hitting stride by May. The past few years remained much cooler than I remember until well into June.  The same holds true for the Fall. Heating season hasn’t kicked in until well into November. I always make the joke that “you gotta use them to break them”. The “them” referring to your heating and air conditioning equipment. Our late-starting seasons have not been conducive for that.
climate-change-2 So, my first inclination was to do a web search on “shifting seasons” or “climate change”, which I did. However, the data I found when searching both was the opposite of my observations. While I don’t claim to be a hard core environmentalist, neither am I a climate change denier. The information suggested that as a result of climate change, our seasons are all starting earlier, which of course is in direct conflict with my original premise.
So what does this mean to the person looking for some direction from a seasoned HVAC professional regarding the topic of shifting seasons…..look elsewhere. I apparently don’t have a clue. I was hoping my common sense observations would confirm some scientific research….Nope. That’s not to say that I believe climate change isn’t happening. In fact, I believe it is. Only not the way all the smart people are saying it is.
However, if you’re noticing these same trends, let me know. I’d love to believe I haven’t gone completely crazy.

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