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Recovery From Tragedy



Recovery From Tragedy

Help the Halls
On Monday, July 25th, Goodco Mechanical employee Alex Hall lost his Mt. Union rental home and both his family’s vehicles to a horrendous fire.  Fortunately, neither Hall, his girlfriend Emily nor their 9 month baby daughter Kyra were injured in the blaze but everything they own was basically lost.
The Halls will be moving in to an old farmhouse located on Alex’s grandparents’ dairy farm property. A good bit of work was needed to make the house habitable.  The support from the community, family, church and fellow employees was nearly overwhelming. The folks at Goodco collected clothing, tools, baby items and cash.  Additionally, Goodco VP Jared Taylor solicited contributions of building materials from vendors YBC Huntingdon, Comfort Supply Altoona, Penstan State College, Peirce Phelps State College, Ace Hardware Huntingdon and Wesco State College. Thanks to all those businesses who generously donated.
Goodco employees have dedicated many hours of personal time to provide labor to install plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, electrical, etc. in the old farm house.  Those employees include Jared Taylor, Jon Strong, Jon Guyer, Dave Corvin, Seth Goshorn, Joe Shafer, Mike Webb, Jordan Good and Scott Good. Working alongside many of Alex’s friends, family and fellow churchgoers, the house is beginning to take shape and should be available soon for the Halls to take residence.
I was saddened to hear about this terrible tragedy, but as the owner of Goodco Mechanical, I was heartened to see the response from my employees to a colleague in his time of need.  It makes me proud to lead an organization with this kind of compassion and “pay it forward” mentality.  Thanks to all who participated at any level and keep the Alex, Emily and Kyra in your prayers as they begin to rebuild their lives.    

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