Blog Post Ireland Post #3 – Plumbing

Ireland Post #3 – Plumbing



Ireland Post #3 – Plumbing

If you’re getting tired of reading about and seeing pictures from my trip to Ireland, this is the last then I slide back into reality again. I thought I would add some pictures of various types of plumbing I encountered while on vacation. Since we spent a fair amount of time in pubs (which is what you do there), many of my photos originate from a men’s bathroom in a pub somewhere. plumbing in Ireland, toilets, WC, plumbing It appears they do not have sufficient water pressure in many areas, hence the flush tank located above the urinals.   plumbing in Ireland, sink, bathroom sink, WC     Space is at a premium in many buildings so the plumbers get creative with fixture selections. This would not fly under normal codes here.   urinal, plumbing in Ireland, WC, toilet     Hi-tech, very narrow stainless steel urinal.   cast iron rain leader, Ireland, plumbing     A cast iron rain leader on an historic monastery.   20140629_163330_resized_1     Seems like I keep coming back to this picture. I guess this is what makes it necessary to have plumbing in the first place. Thanks for joining me while I relive my trip. ┬áBack to real stuff next week!

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