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Ireland Post #2



Ireland Post #2

I’ve been back a week from Ireland and had some time to reflect on the trip. Here are some general observations. First, the people of Ireland are so damn nice. On our first day in Dublin on our arrival, I was attempting to get in the left lane for a turn when a bus driver cut me off. I was beginning to cuss him out when he leaned out his window and politely explained to me that my attempt to turn left at that intersection would necessitate a ticket from the policeman standing directly in front of us and I should not make that turn. I smiled, said thank you and felt like an idiot for my misplaced anger. Second, driving on the left side of the road on the right side of the car on narrow, winding roads is quite stressful. I lost many games of chicken when I pulled over to allow oncoming traffic to use my half of the road as well. Between the busses, tractors, bikes and sheep, a pint of beer was the best muscle relaxer I could find after maneuvering those roads. Third, Ireland my be the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The scenery was breathtaking and ever-changing. I took hundreds of pictures and will remember those vistas for as long as I live. Here are some of those views. Blarney Castle in County Cork Blarney Castle   Killarney National Park Killarney National Park   A lighthouse in Dingle Harbor A lighthouse in Dingle Harbor   The view of Tralee from The Connor Pass

Tralee view from The Connor Pass

    The Cliffs of Moher The Cliffs of Moher     If you ever get the chance to visit the Emerald Isle…Go!   Next week, I’ll post a few cool Ireland plumbing pics.

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