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Heating & Cooling Options For Older Homes – Ductless Heat Pumps

How many of you lug one or more of these out every summer and swear it will be the last time? 

Window AC
They’re loud, inefficient and quite honestly, heavy as hell. I actually found an old one in our shop and verified that it, indeed, was heavy as hell.  These are most often used in older homes that were not outfitted with ductwork.  Up until recently, there were not a whole lot of options when it came to cooling a house without central air ductwork.  Over the past few years, Goodco has installed hundreds of Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating ductless heat pumps and been awarded Diamond Contractor status.  In fact, Goodco was honored by Mitsubishi twice in the past year.  The first was for the largest year-to-year annual sales increase in the Northeast Region and the second was to be selected to the 2014 Diamond Contractor Peer Group (an honor given to only 12 contractors nationwide).

What is a ductless heat pump? 

ductless heat pump
This picture shows a single room system.  The unit above is the inside air handling unit that usually mounts on an outside wall and the one below is the outdoor condenser that either mounts on a pad or a frame attached to the outside wall of the house.  Between the two units we install refrigerant piping and some wiring for power and controls. In addition to cooling the room far more efficiently and quieter than the window AC unit, it is also a source of heat to help reduce the usage of expensive fuels such as oil or propane.  It is also a more efficient heat source that electric baseboard or radiant ceiling cable.  The Mitsubishi system is also very flexible.  Multiple indoor units or “heads” can be installed and connected to a single outdoor unit thereby providing room-by-room zoning.  Each zone can be set to a different room temperature to provide individual comfort and energy savings depending on occupancy of each space. We literally have hundreds of satisfied customers with Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems.  This product has revolutionized the heating and air conditioning industry in our area since we can now provide comfort to homeowners who in the past had no options other than that old, clunky window unit.  

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